Recap of the Inaugural Symposium

The symposium showcased the work of the next generation of spiritual science students and practitioners. We invited all academics, artists, musicians and ceremonialists that care about the world we are manifesting for new generations to be part of the symposium. Whether a student exploring new paradigms for consciousness, new earth technology, social justice, eco justice, climate solutions, heart resonance, feminist perspectives in Transpersonal Psychology, holistic solutions to mental health; a practitioner of holistic practices that support our evolution; a creator of music or art which is provocative and transformational and carries a message for these uncertain times, all were invited to submit an application.

Inaugural Symposium Announcement Video

The symposium was open to all students of spiritual science, including but not limited to undergraduate, postgraduate and next generation members of the SMN at all stages of their studies/career, from a variety of disciplines, and from all educational backgrounds, whose research/work addresses the aims, mission and vision of the SMN in its broadest sense. The symposium was envisioned to be a creative force for education, learning and transformative change. Additionally, all participants must have an appreciation of the importance of the scientific method in a practical sense, but be open to explore and expand, in a spirit of open and critical enquiry, frontier issues at the interfaces between science, health, consciousness, wellbeing, love and spirituality, to explore how to rediscover a meaningful spirituality to help rebalance life itself.

The symposium aimed to create community, and build bridges between different ways of knowing and experiencing the world through the written and spoken word, art, poetry, comedy, spiritual practice and music.

SSSS 2023 Presenters

With the context of the symposium theme, Students of Spiritual Science, we were open to accept submissions that are related to the work of the SMN and any of the sub-themes listed below. We invited interested speakers to consider how their work/research makes a difference in the world – in theory, professional practice, methodology, and other illuminating perspectives; particularly welcoming arts based practices including music, story-telling, artwork, poetry, ceremony, etc.

We have detailed some issues below to see what our speakers felt moved to address through their work:

This online event took place on July 22nd & 23rd, 2023. Attendance was open to our undergraduate, postgraduate, next generation members, general members of the SMN, and all people who care about the world we are manifesting for future generations.

The conference will comprise of academic paper presentations and panel discussions, e-posters, workshops and experiential practices, and creative offerings of music, poetry, art, etc..

The wide range of offerings available during this symposium aims to reflect the many ways that science and spirituality can come together in harmonious and inspirational ways. Specifically, we aim to show how similar insights can be reached through different avenues of exploration that honour spiritual, scientific and artistic enterprises. In this sense, we may pair papers/posters with related art/music/poetry pieces to demonstrate how both creative and academic insights are integral to complete knowledge.

SSSS 2023 E-Posters